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Is Iberdrola's Hoosac Wind Project Right for Our Beautiful Berkshire Rural Landscape?

The Hoosac Wind Project is located in Florida and Monroe Massachusetts. The nineteen 340 foot tall industrial scale wind turbines make it the largest land-based wind project in the state.


The Friends of Florida and Monroe is a group of concerned citizens who question the wisdom of building a project like this. We are concerned about what life will be like for us living in close proximtiy to the turbines. We question whether or not the millions of dollars of public subsidies really benefit the public or is this an example of sucessful lobbyists lining the pockets of wealthy corporations? Will there be health effects from the turbines, and will we see a reduction of our property values? Do industrial scale wind turbines really help with global warming and help us get off fossil fuels?  Or is this a wrong turn on the path to a sustainable energy future.


Please join us in learning more about industrial wind turbines. And help us to ensure the health and safety of the residents of Monroe and Florida, Massachusetts.

Latest News

Wind farms creating an environmental divide

 Boston Globe August 11, 2013  “This is like a highway came down and
my house is stuck in the median. I chose to live in a quiet place, a
healthy place and [Hoosac wind farm] took that away from me.” (Tim Danyliw)


“It doesn’t make sense to me to wreck nature in order to save nature,” 
“It was a natural place. It was beautiful, and it has
been wrecked now.” (Larry Lorusso)



Hoosac Sound Testing Challenged by Wind Noise Experts

Will State Noise Standards Help You? - DON'T COUNT ON IT

FARIHAVEN- SEPTEMBER 10, 2013 If town residents agree on anything, it's that the turbine fight is likely not over. In fact the State of Massachusetts is still
investigating the turbines, as well, after determining they were too
loud and exceeded legal noise levels, on a number of occasions.





By a 3-2 vote last night at the Falmouth Public Library selectmen voted a
long-range plan for the wind turbines at the Wastewater Treatment
Facility, electing to increase the operation for both machines from 12
hours per day to 16 hours per day.


A Comment for this article states that "There is no mention in the article that Wind-1 was found by state regulators to be generating over 50 decibels of offensive noise 1,320 feet away. Falmouth bylaws limit noise to 40 decibels. The typical
ambient sound level in Falmouth is around 30 decibels."



iBerkshires Tuesday, February 12, 2013
FLORIDA, Mass. — The stories they tell are similar — constant headaches, ringing ears, pounding hearts, sleepless nights.
The cause of their concern can be seen sweeping the sky
Hoosac Wind turbines i berks 2-12-12.doc
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Greenfield Recorder February 13, 2013
“My quiet, peaceful, serene world and home has been turned into a reeling of unending noise, annoyance and constant dealing with those in charge to help us,” said Fairneny. “My wife’s ears are
hoosac Recorder 12-13-13.doc
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WTEN ALBANY NY February 12, 2013
BERKSHIRE COUNTY, Mass. -- "At night, at 3 a.m., 4 a.m. in the morning, it sounds like it's worse. It sounds like helicopters idling in the woods," said Mark Lavariere, a resident of Florida.
hoosac WTEN ALBANY NY 2-12-12.doc
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The noise and vibration from large wind turbines have been
shown to have serious health effects. People all across our State are
complaining. People in nearby Vermont and New York are experiencing
a loss of peace and quiet in their rural homes. People living near turbines are reporting
insomnia, headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, emotional depression and
constant stress. The sounds and
vibrations are even worse when people are inside their homes.

                     And we have the largest turbine project in Massachusetts!


 Call Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

          413-784-1100 or e-mail [email protected]


If they don’t hear from you, they will be forced to assume that you don’t care about the noise and vibration that you are being subjected to.

Hoosac Wind Complaint Form
Here is a form that you can fill out, save the changes and e-mail to DEP. Or use as a guideline for your call in complaint or download and mail it in.
Hoosac complaint form.doc
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Mail complaint forms to: Florida Town Hall 
                                    Drury, MA 01343

Latest News

Falmouth Selectmen support removing wind turbines



These facts eclipse all other facets of the debate about wind power in that they challenge the very core of widely held assumptions about what we can really accomplish with wind energy. When so little is gained, why is it worth the massive public subsidies, impact on neighbors, wildlife, etc? Lloyd Crawford


… in inland New England, IWTs will not reduce our carbon footprint. They will not contribute in any way toward limiting global warming. They will however significantly increase the cost of every person’s and business’s electricity, precisely at a time when we cannot afford it. The reason is that the subsidies paid to keep this economically unsustainable technology operating will be spread over everyone’s monthly electric bill, in addition to the cost of the normal fossil-fuel-based capacity required to back-up those IWTs. Raymond Hartman




Michael Fairneny (left) of Florida and Malcolm Donald (second from left) of Falmouth wait for their meeting with the Governor while State wind turbine proponents admire the view.


“I feel like my whole world is going to turn to crap,” said Farineny, who has lived in his home for 28 years.“We were told we would never even see these things, and now I’m afraid we’re going to hear them.” (Gazettenet.com)




Protesters are on hand to help educate our public officials.

"Lloyd Crawford, of Hawley, is concerned with the new wind turbines not addressing the state's current energy problems."This project produces one 1,000th of the electricity used in Massachusetts,"he said. "Power demand is expected to grow one percent per year for the next
decade. We'd have to put up a project like this once every 5 weeks for the next 10 years just to keep up with demand." (North Adams Transcript)

We hope that Senator Ben Downing (left) agrees with Marsh Rosenthal (right, with a clear message on his tee shirt.). No Industrial Wind for our ridgelines.

Residents in New York state sue developer Iberdrola
ALBANY, N.Y. (CN) - Dozens of neighbors of a $200 million wind farm sued the companies behind it,
Residents sue wind developer Iberdrola i[...]
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From the Caldonian Record - October 8, 2012


Lowell Mountain, Vermont Turbine Complaints
lowell mountain noise compaints.zip
Compressed archive in ZIP format [544.5 KB]

On October 10, the Florida Massachusetts Selectmen heard from residents,
calling themselves “The Friends of Florida and Monroe”, concerned about
the Hoosac Wind Project that is scheduled to go online later this year.


Florida, MA Selectboard Meeting-Audiotape
October 10, 2012- Residents of Florida express their concerns about possible noise problems from the Hoosac Wind Project to the Florida Selectmen and to representatives from wind developer Iberola
Compressed archive in ZIP format [33.0 MB]

                      North Adams Transcript   October 11, 2012

                 New Wind Turbines Pose Noise Concerns in Florida


                     NorthAdams.com     October 2, 2012

 FLORIDA, Mass. — Residents will be able to bring questions and concerns to the developers of the Hoosac Wind Project next week.

 FLORIDA -- All 19 wind turbines are up, and the testing and commissioning process is about to begin on Bakke Mountain in Florida and Crum Hill in Monroe -- the final step before the Hoosac Wind project can start generating power.


Sep 10, 2012 ... A 19-turbine industrial wind farm is near completion in the Northern Berkshires, but according to nearby residents, some uncertainties about the ...

This is what has become of Crum Hill in Monroe, the highest point of elevation in the Berkshires.


An overview of issues with industrial wind power.


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 And the Protesters!

 Monday, December 3, 2012, 10:00 A.M.
 5 Bliss Road, Florida

You Paved Paradise..."Isn’t it ironic to be deceived into destroying the world in order to save it!?"

Editorial by Ellen Landauer, Charlemont,MA.  Printed in the Shelburne Falls Independent - August 3, 2012  http://windwisema.org/you-paved-paradise-landauer-editorial/