Greenfield Recorder 7-27-12
Study seeks insight into area attitudes
Northeast states have fewer facilities, more anti-wind groups
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Greenfield Recorder 9-06-12
For six to eight weeks this summer, trucks carrying 125-foot-long sections of the turbine blades could be seen on Route 2 from Greenfield to Florida. It took three vehicles to haul just one complete s
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North Adams Transcipt Letter to the Editor 8-23-12
"As energy producers, windpower machines just don’t work. They can’t make more that 25% in a good year of their megawatt ratings. They are weather dependent and intermittent in their operation."
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North Adams Transcript Letter to the Editor 9-14-12
"These modern wind driven contraptions destroy wild lands, make residents sick, and impose a cost shadow that will be yoked onto generations to come, long after they join the over 14,000 standing dead
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