The Effects of Noise on Wildlife
"Noise does not have to be loud to have negative effects..For birds, bats, and other wildlife, the effects may be more profound."
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 Summary of Recent Research on Adverse Health Effects of Wind Turbines

                                      20 October 2009

      Compiled by Keith Stelling, MA, MNIMH, Dip Phyt, MCPP (England)

              With additional files from Carmen Krogh, BScPharm

"Reinforcing this body of knowledge is the research that has been conducted on animals. Long term studies by European biologists indicate that habitat disturbance and abandonment takes place around wind turbine developments. Further research on animals indicates that basic survival functions such as hunting, self protection and reproduction are interrupted by low frequency noise exposure."



Seattle Audubon Society - What are the impacts of noise from wind turbines on birds, bats and other wildlife?



                               FAQ-Impact on Wildlife 


                          compiled by National Wind Watch