Wind farms creating an environmental divide

 Boston Globe August 11, 2013  “This is like a highway came down and
my house is stuck in the median. I chose to live in a quiet place, a
healthy place and [Hoosac wind farm] took that away from me.” (Tim Danyliw)


“It doesn’t make sense to me to wreck nature in order to save nature,” 
“It was a natural place. It was beautiful, and it has
been wrecked now.” (Larry Lorusso)

Special Report: Is going green destroying the lives of locals?

By: Taryn Kane

Published: 4/27/13

 Huge wind turbines are dotting the landscape in New York and Massachusetts, producing megawatts of green energy. So why would people living near these giant windmills want them out?

Greenfield Recorder 7-27-12
Study seeks insight into area attitudes
Northeast states have fewer facilities, more anti-wind groups
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Greenfield Recorder 9-06-12
For six to eight weeks this summer, trucks carrying 125-foot-long sections of the turbine blades could be seen on Route 2 from Greenfield to Florida. It took three vehicles to haul just one complete s
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North Adams Transcipt Letter to the Editor 8-23-12
"As energy producers, windpower machines just don’t work. They can’t make more that 25% in a good year of their megawatt ratings. They are weather dependent and intermittent in their operation."
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North Adams Transcript Letter to the Editor 9-14-12
"These modern wind driven contraptions destroy wild lands, make residents sick, and impose a cost shadow that will be yoked onto generations to come, long after they join the over 14,000 standing dead
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