Wind Turbines' Affects on Property Values

Florida, MA Home Gets a New Back Yard

 The neighbors on this road were not included in the "visual impact" section of the zoning board special permit application, and thus were not forwarned about being able to see the turbines.

How much will a property on Bliss Road in be worth?
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 "Direct Evidence of Value Impact:  An Appraiser’s Perspective on Living with Wind Turbines”—Michael S. McCann, CRA, McCann Appraisal, LLC (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

             Video of the Presentation in Shelburne Falls, MA  March 3, 2012


Property Value and Zoning Evaluation
Slide Show of the March 3, 2012 presentation in Shelburne Falls, MA
McCann Appraisal 3 March 2012 Shelburne [...]
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"Declining property values associated with the presence of wind turbines were described by Lempster  (NH) resident and panelist Justin Lindholm. "Almost all of properties within a mile of the [Lempster] wind farm are up for sale", he said. The issue of property value was confirmed by real estate broker Phil Atwood, who said, "Customers won’t even look at a property once they know there are wind turbines nearby.”


Real estate devaluation can average as much as 38% near wind turbines



"When wind energy developers propose setbacks in terms of feet and meters, instead of miles and kilometers, they are essentially insuring that there will be negative impacts on property values, together with safety and welfare impacts."